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It's hard not to love flamingos, from the majestic whitish Greater Flamingo to the smaller pink Lesser Flamingo (pictured here), there are many kinds of these funny birds, each displaying its own unique beauty. Yet, these iconic birds face a grave threat from climate change. Alkaline lakes, crucial to their survival, are increasingly at risk due to rising temperatures, jeopardizing their habitats and migratory patterns. Urgent action is needed to mitigate these effects and safeguard the future of these elegant creatures

Currently, the largest threat to flamingo populations is habitat loss- this occurs with human expansion. Flamingoes depend on lakes and marshes with high-salt content, and the changing climate has altered the alkalinity of many of their previously favored lakes. Currently, none of the flamingo species are considered endangered. 

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I always prefer to support a local frame shop - however we all have times where we need something a little more budget friendly. is my favorite only solution for custom frames. I don't get anything for recommending them - they're just a really great company I like to support!