About Laura

Nearly 15 years ago, I went to Argentina as a Rotary exchange student, setting my course on a lifelong love of travel. Along the way, I realized that people travel to exotic spots for a unique adventure but nearly everyone ends up taking the same iconic picture instead of framing their own experience. It has changed the way I thought about not only photography, but my travels as well. I have now lived on 4 continents and have sought to create my own unique photographic experience in each place I have had the privilege to visit.

I've taken that love of travel photography and combined it with my passion for the natural world to create this venture of fine art photography. I support print shops using sustainable materials and plastic-free packaging - the prints offered in the Wildscapes collection are being produced in a carbon-neutral print shop. And a portion of each sale will be donated to assist in conservation and supporting native people to protect the nature around them.

I hope you’ll find this space to be a place of inspiration to preserve the beauty around us and create a more sustainable world.