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What do you mean by "limited edition" versus "open edition"?

Limited editions simply means that these prints are only available in that size and paper in certain quantities. For example, typically my small prints are limited editions of 100 - once they are gone, they wont be available anymore at that size.

Open editions are available forever - these are being offer as acrylic prints in 40" and 60" sizes. I am offering open editions of some of my older images as well as the current collection.

Where do your prints ship from?

My fine art paper prints ship from the UK, and take up to one week to arrive anywhere in the world.

Acrylic prints are produced in the US and Canada, and currently only ship to North America.

What is your returns policy?

I strive for happy clients - in 4 years, I've never had a request to return a print. However, if you have changed your mind, you can ship your print back to me at your expense, and I will provide a full refund once I have received your package.

In order to serve my customers best, my prints are sent to the lab within a few hours after purchase. If you have made a duplicate order or an error in your order, please contact me ASAP to fix the issue before the order is sent to the printer.

In the very rare event that your product should arrive damaged, simply contact me with photographs of the package and product and I'll be happy to replace it at no cost to you.