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Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda



We reported early in the morning to the Volcanos National Park rangers station to be assigned to a trekking party. Our group was given a medium-difficulty trail, and they estimated we would hike for three hours to reach our Gorilla family - the Sabyinyo family. But the trip had started long before, with a three hour drive to the region after a flight from Kenya to Rwanda. By the time we made contact with the troupe, we had been in dedicated pursuit of this mission for for 17 hours.

We could smell them before we could see them, a distinct musty odor. But when we met them face to face, it was a humbling experience that left me in awe of their sheer strength and intelligence. We were meant to keep 10 feet between ourselves and them - but ever curious, the youngsters came close enough that one sat on my foot.

As I looked into their deep, soulful eyes, I felt a connection that transcended words. They wanted to know as much about me as I wanted to know about them. The permits are issued for a single hour with your assigned gorilla family, and I've never felt time move so quickly as it did that day. 

To spend time with truly wild animals is to find your heart filled with wonder, respect, and a profound appreciation for the incredible creatures that share our planet. That's why I am commited to giving 10% of the proceeds to the African Parks Network, the group that is responsible for Volcanoes National Park and the protection of Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. 

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