Framing Options

Float-style frames are available for acrylic open-edition pieces. Float frames sit about 1/4" offset around the image and have a squared profile. 

Black, white, and walnut frames are veneer over pine wood. Natural wood is a natural pine.

laura merz selfie

Laura Merz

Over 15 years ago, my life abroad began as a Rotary exchange student in San Juan, Argentina, igniting a lifelong passion for travel and adventure. During my explorations, I realized that too often, travelers flock to exotic destinations and capture the same clichéd snapshots, missing the chance to truly immerse themselves in the unique experiences these places offer. This realization not only transformed my approach to photography but also reshaped my entire perspective on travel. Having now lived on 4 continents, my love for travel and photography has intertwined with a deep-seated dedication to environmental stewardship, forging the path for my venture into fine art photography.

At the core of this venture is an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. I've partnered with print shops that employ sustainable materials and eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging whenever possible. In the case of acrylic prints, one tree is planted for each print produced. I am striving to ensure that my creative pursuits leave the lightest possible footprint on our planet.

A significant portion of the proceeds from each sale is dedicated to conservation efforts and the support of indigenous communities living in close proximity to our precious natural landscapes. These native populations are the guardians of the wilderness, often on the frontlines of protecting our last untamed spaces. By contributing to these noble causes, I seek to uphold their cultural heritage and fortify their vital role in safeguarding the environment.

In particular, I'm driven by a profound belief that effective conservation demands the protection and empowerment of vulnerable populations. This conviction has led me to allocate 10% of the proceeds from my artwork sales to the African Parks Network. This organization not only strives to safeguard wildlife and national parks but also places significant emphasis on educating and empowering local communities. Through this support, I aim to foster a harmonious coexistence between nature and humanity, working towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

I hope to inspire others to preserve the world's natural beauty and create a more sustainable future.

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