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Amboseli, Kenya


The gentlest among giants, his figure loomed large over the trees as we approached. He seemed to pose for me, undaunted by our proximity. He would turn his body towards me and make eye contact, like he understood that in my own small way I was trying to connect with him. As he circled our car, I felt myself holding my breath as he brushed past me - I was lying prone on the floor to capture a low angle, and his legs came within inches of my hand. The experience felt holy, a quiet moment with on of the most majestic animals that has ever lived - just me and him in this vast wilderness.

Craig is one of just 24 "Super Tuskers" that remain in all of Africa. A "Tusker" is an elephant whose tusks are estimated to weigh over 100 pounds, and they often scrape the ground. How many more Tuskers could there be if we could solve poaching, human-wildlife conflicts, and habitat fragmentation? I have to wonder if my grandchildren will know a world where these giants roam...or if these will be the last 24.

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